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Fairy Tale India was born from Kamlendra Singh Ranawat’s avid love for travel. A seasoned veteran in the tourist trade he decided to make possible all of the wonderful tours and trips he envisioned, for everyone else to experience. With headquarters in Delhi and regional offices all over India, Fairy Tale can offer you exceptional quality in all services with all the relevant local support that travelers might require. While our travel specialists are meticulous in anticipating every eventuality, we also give our local guides the authority to make decisions based on their superior understanding of the context and needs of our traveller. We continuously strive to make your travel experience the best in our country and we pride ourselves in being more than just a tour company. We specialize in making travel dreams come true and providing you with more.





More Flexibility- We would encourage you to customise your tour in order to make this the trip of your lifetime. Where do you want to go? We will sit down with you and create magic based on your every whim and every wish! Check out our itineraries and we will make those little changes to meet your individual interests. We want to meet all of your expectations perfectly.


More Experiences- We visit the most famous and iconic sites with fresh and complete insights. More importantly we will take you off the beaten path to experience new scenery not visited by the common traveler. Why not a home stay in the royal land of Rajasthan with the regal Rajasthani Rajputs to experience the real India? Come with us to discover real people, real cultures & incredible real life experiences along the way.


More Quality- We arrange intimate groups and with a high level of accommodation and unique eating experiences. Skip the queues of the masses and dine in only the most spectacular places.

Our attitude of total personal holiday customisation comes from our awareness that everyone is looking for something different when they travel. We call them our travel productions. We don't have a formula that we use to design and run every trip, but we do have a consistent sensibility that informs everything we do. We believe that life is to be enjoyed and to be discovered, and we take our greatest pleasure in sharing our discoveries with you.

We do not use traditional tour guides, but rather specialists in distinguished fields. For art tours, we could arrange to have a local university art professor accompany you through the museums. For those interested in design, you will enjoy private showings of local designers’ shops. These are just a few examples of the degree we go to offer the finest possible service. Be it a private dinner request in Udaipur, the Himalayas or Goa, each experience will be an unforgettable one.

All trips feature personal hosts and guides, commercial flights or private jets, cozy and unique lodges or deluxe grand hotels, privileged access to local events, visits to homestays or farms, soothing spa treatments, elephant, camel or horse safaris, spectacular meals, private personal shoppers and numerous other services upon request.

Come and create your own fairy tale holiday with us at Fairy Tale India - we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Hi Kamlendra,

"India taught us to be patient and to be open – Fairy Tale  taught us to enjoy our stay with joy and how to look at the small meaningful things in our beloved India!....


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