Jamoli is a two hundred year old village of Mewar located in present day Rajasthan. Jamoli has a rich Rajput royal history. It is situtated in the northern part of Mewar on a gently sloping plain, drained by the Banas River, which is the second largest River in Rajasthan. The village is exceedingly tranquil and far from the rush & noise of the city, a perfect peaceful retreat stop in the midst of a Rajasthani journey. Arrive on horseback, camel back or in a camel drawn cart for a real countryside experience. The village offers true hospitality and a very personal homestay experience: see the heart of rural India.


We have accommodation in a home, where we provide a separate room for our guests with all standard amenities. During the village tour you will have the chance to interact with local people and come to know about their lifestyle. See their impeccably built mud houses, watch clay pottery being created, see Gypsy communities, and regard carpenters and ironsmiths make handicrafts using old methods without any new tools. Visit the village stud farm to see the horses. Our guests have repeatedly been delighted by the overwhelming hospitality with every villager wishing to host the guests for dinner, tea or coffee. In the evenings, we display cultural dance programs in the courtyard of the houe, where we have volunteer folk dancers from the village and our guests may participate if they wish. All food is organic and grown locally to get a taste of the exquisite local cuisines.



This is a totally unique experience for our guests and will remain in your memory for ever.

70% of the Indian population still lives in villages, so why not to explore them and witness the real India with us at Fairy Tale.





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"India taught us to be patient and to be open – Fairy Tale  taught us to enjoy our stay with joy and how to look at the small meaningful things in our beloved India!....


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