Marwari Horse Safari



: 08Nights / 09 Days
: Pushkar, Ras, Nimaj, Auwa, Jojawar, Narlai, Ranakpur, Beda, Korta, Udaipur, Delhi
: Delhi
: Delhi

The Marwari horse is native to the Marwar region of India, and its origins are entwined with local folklore. The breed can be traced to a period, "when the ocean was churned to extract nectar for the Gods. A period when horses had wings."The bardic literature of Rajasthan speaks very high of Marwari Horses, of their heroic exploits, leaping up to Haudus of Elephant crossing over the high barrier walls of cities and forts. Few of the famous horses are "Chetak" of Maharana Pratap, and Veer Durga Dasji's horse "Arbud."

Horse is a symbol of loyalty, self-respect, and power. It is also a part of the deepest root of our culture. It is our duty to have a sense of responsibility towards the continuity of the noble breed of horses with which we all have always been connected and to which we owe so much.


At the safari routes u may find your  self in the jungle scrub or lush green valley or flat land, semi sandy deserts or Aravalli foothills. All the lunching places are carefully chosen with intentions of giving diversity in the tour the routes are selected for u to visualize the kaleidoscopic culture mid traditions of Rajasthan and which are best suited for riding conditions the day ends at different forts and castles which are turned into heritage hotels with modern amenities. As u meet members of noble's families and acquaint your self with typical Indian lifestyle you feel the elegance and rich taste of a life of bygone era.




Day 01- . Pushkar to Ras palace. O/N

In the morning After breakfast we meet the safari crew and get acquainted with horses and then start the adventure. We gallop towards our destination. Lunch enroot. We pass through desert and some semi desert terrain, reach the majestic palace of Ras built in 17th century . Our host is the royal head of Ras. O/N Ras Palace.

Day 02 - Ras palace to Nimaj palace / Chattarsagar camp.O/N

As the sun rise, we enjoy our breakfast on the terrace of palace capturing a breath taking pananoromic view. Now is the time to mount our horses and move towards our new destination. Lunch enroot. Passing through rough terrain you can witness some of the ruins of old forts and marble mines in arravalis. Riding through some villages and plains we reach the beautiful fort of Nimaj/Chattarsagar camp and enjoy the hospitality of the nobles. O/N Nimaj Palace/ Chattarsagar Camp.

Day 03 - Nimaj Palace/ Chattarsagar camp to Auwa Fort. O/N

This morning we start early about 8:30am. After breakfast we mount our horses and ride through plains leaving beautiful country side, we stop for lunch. After lunch and little rest we remount our horses to discover the rugged terrain of Rajasthan. Passing through some open land and villages we reach the fort of Auwa, where we will be welcomed by the host.In the evening cocktails with the royal family of Auwa . O/N Fort Auwa.

Day 04- Fort Auwa to Rawala Jojawar. O/N

Leaving behind the rugged fort of Auwa, we move through rich fertile fields, where we come across a variety of crops. Water is abundant in this area and one can witness this through surroundings. We halt at around 12:30 noon at a beautiful farm, which grows fresh vegetables and flowers. After lunch and rest, we move forward and cross few villages, which shows the prosperity of the native people, we reach Rawala Jojawar around 5:30pm, which is situated on the edge of Arravali hills. Enjoy our evening with glass of wine and recall memories of th places we ridden through. O/N Rawala Jojawar.

Day 05- Rawala Jojawar to Rawala Narlai. O/N

After breakfast we mount our horses and ride parallel to the Arravali Range. One can notice the change in the landscape as we are heading towards the Ranges. Passing through scenic terrain we stop for lunch and little rest. After lunch we remount our horses and ride towards our next destination for the night. Crossing through dry riverbed, sandy terrain, small villages and interacting with locals enroot, we reach Rawala Narlai.A 350 years old Romantic property like in fairy tales. O/N Rawala Narlai.

Day 06 - Rawala Narlai to Ranakpur. O/N

At crack of dawn we ride close towards Arravali hills, leaving behind Rawala Narlai to its former glory. Riding through different hamlets inhabited by bhils. A former warrior tribe, who have opted farming as livelihood now. Crossing open water wells and few dry monsoon ridges, we reach our lunching spot. Where our chef and attendants surprises us by chilled beers and hot soup. After having fresh cooked hot food, we once again take charge of our mounts and by sunset we reach our destination 'Ranakpur'. Where the world famous Jain temple intricately carved in white marble.In the evening visit the temple. O/N Ranakpur.

Day 07 - Ranakpur to Beda(Leopards lair). O/N

In the morning after a late breakfast at 9:30am we start moving west of Ranakpur in to the forest. After a few km rugged ride of ups and downs we step in to the hart of Aravalli and can encounter various wild animals if lucky enough. The track is full of pugmarks of leopards sloth bears hyenas jackals etc. we stop for our lunch at a scheduled place at around 12:30 noon. After lunch we move further crossing many settlements of Grasia tribe "the most colorful tribe of Rajasthan" which has a strong hold in this region. By sunset we reach our Beda Leopards Lair, where beautiful cottages awaits us. We spent the evening around a camp fire enjoying our drinks and chatting. O/N Leopards lair.

Day 08 - Beda (Leopards lair )to korta escape. O/N

After breakfast we set our mounted journey once more. Crossing few more settlement of Grasia tribe in the forest, we come to lush green fields and then we pass by the main town of Bijapur which is the head quarter of many tribal villages, riding few more km we reach our lunch spot. After lunch and little rest we continue our ride. As we cross beautiful area full of rocky and romantic hills, and few villages we reach korta to witness the most beautiful sunset in the aravali range. Korta is beautiful place with many 15th century temples along Aravali range, lush green fields and large sand dunes. It is known as "Home to Marwari breed horses". Blue bulls are also in abundant in this village. In the evening we are entertained by local tribal musicians and dancers. O/N Korta Escape.

Day 09 – Korta / Udaipur

In Morning will drive to Udaipur




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Korta Escape



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