Greetings Kamsa from Vancouver


We have been busy with tax filings and catching up with family and friends so I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Yesterday I visited my bank and transferred some funds into your account as a token of our appreciation to you for making our trip the most memorable trip I have ever taken. It was truly a fairy tale come true and we thank you ever so much.

I seem to have misplace the evaluation forms that you gave us but I had read them and will simply say that all would be excellent save for the hotel in Kandy. The drivers were terrific and we felt safe at all times (and I am a real back seat driver here at home so that is a true accomplishment for them) and the arrangements for accommodation and meals was terrific. We also thank you for making it possible for us to see the tiger in the wild!!!

We discussed the whole trip and came to the conclusion that we would likely change the order a little to make it such that we flew from Delhi to Colombo to Sri Lanka and then to Mumbai for a few days before flying home. We also should have stayed for a couple of days in Amsterdam to break up the trip.

In addition, we felt that other than the taj mahal and the fort, Agra was not a nice place to stay more than one night. We enjoyed very much the stay at Bhainsrorgarh.

One other thing that we thought about after the trip was that I should have mentioned and made it known that I would have liked to have been taken to a top notch tailor to have many shirts made to measure. We met a chap and his wife in Goa and he had this done in either Jaipur or Jodpur I believe but it may also have been in Udaipur. In any event, this might have been indicated but I missed it at the time and so would recommend that in future, you ask clients about what they might wish to purchase like gems, make to measure clothes, etc. and factor this into the schedule up front. Just a suggestion.

Since we have been back, I have put the photos onto a ipad mini and deleted them down from about 5000 down to 970 with more culling to do to get down to 240 at most. This is getting more and more difficult now as many of the photos are great reminders. I have shown these to several people and they all think we had a most unbelievable trip. I have given your website out to many people and someday in the future, some of these may turn into clients for you. I have always been most happy to refer you to everyone and do so at every opportunity. There seems to be some interest in the golfing community about your golf package and I wonder how that is coming along. I have not had the chance to look at your website recently to see if you have a link to it as yet.

Take care Kamsa and could you please confirm receipt of the transfer?



Blain and Arlene

Vancouver, Canada



Hi Kamlendra,


"India taught us to be patient and to be open – Fairy Tale  taught us to enjoy our stay with joy and how to look at the small meaningful things in our beloved India! We lived in India for 2 years and did a lot of trips. With Fairy Tale we felt always in good hands and were never got disappointed. We appreciate and love the efficiency how Fairy Tale works in every matter and how Mr. Kamlendra obliges our needs, especially cause we were travelling with a little baby."


By: Cindya and Alex






Dear Kamlendra,


"We´d like to let you know how pleased we were with your arrangement of our roundtrip of Rajasthan in November of 2009. The local guides were knowledgeable and responded to our requests. Our driver was a rock of reliability in the turbulent Indian traffic and always obliging. The peak of our tour, of course, was the visit to Jamoli village, where you made us feel like royalties and we got a non-tourism insight into the daily life of rural India.
When we go to India next time we will certainly contact you first.


By: Eva and Olle Book (Navekvarn, Sweden)






Dear Kamlendra,


We spent incredible days in your beautiful country and we will most probably come again as there is a lot more to see. It was a very colourful and impressive trip through Radjastan. All worked out very well and we have been picked up in time each time. However there are a few things to mention:

- The guides have been very nice and all of them did know a lot of things. They also adapted the program according to our whishes.The one in Amirtsar and the lady in Mumbai are the ones we still remember.
- The camps on the camel trip have been very special for us.
- We liked very much the Hotels in Orcha, Ranthambore and Bikaner. The ones in Agra and Mumbai were OK for a night but I would not like to stay longer at these places.

We have been very satisfied with the organisation ot our trip and have taken a lot of impressions back home to Switzerland.

Thank you again and best regards from cold, white (Snow) Switzerland


By: Françoise and Beat






Dear Kamlendra,


Fairytale India lives up to its name! A wonderful country and a superbly organised trip. Kamlendra took all the stress out of organising a trip which meant we could relax and enjoy everything India has to offer. All the glorious colours, smells, and sounds of such a vibrant and culturally rich country. Throw in extreme relaxation interspersed with a few amazing parties and you're starting to understand my enthusiasm.

The golden triangle really deserves all of its praise, and is well worth a visit. It really is massive though. I definitely recommend having a driver navigate the miles and miles of insane roads for you. The public transport is charming at first but soon gets tiresome, having a punctual and very charming driver is a total blessing.

My highlight was tiger spotting in Ranthambhore. A must! Enjoy your trip.


By: Tom and Rob, London






Incredible India, where do you start?
From the moment we stepped out of our car in Kamsa's home village of Jamoli, we felt like we were seeing the 'Real' India.

We spent 5 days trekking on horseback through some of the most remote and beautiful areas of Rajasthan. What a way to see rural India. From the back of the horse you can see so much more than travelling by car. Fairy tale India took care of everything. Water stops for us and the horses. A long lunch break in the heat of the day, to relax on the cushions provided and for the horses to have a massage! The camp was really comfortable with good toilet and shower facilities, which was unexpected. We had some great nights around the campfire listening to traditional music, eating delicious home cooked food and singing!

If you want to see India in a different way and have some horse riding experience then through Fairy tale India it's absolutely the best way! Beautiful horses, country and people, all organised smoothly and effortlessly. We wish to come back soon.


By: Helen Elizabeth Munday
Shieldaig, Scotland





Indienreise vom 31.12.2011 bis zum 21.01.2012

Über Umwege sind wir bei der Planung unserer ersten Indienreise an fairytaleindia geraten.

Als leidenschaftliche Individualreisende waren wir zunächst nicht nur begeistert von der Idee, sich alles durchplanen zu lassen. Andererseits waren wir bei der Vorausplanung von manch komplizierten Orgafragen wie Zugtickets und Reservierungen ein bisschen abgeschreckt.

Letzendlich haben wir uns von fairytale dann eine große Indientour zusammenstellen lassen und wollten einen möglichst "breiten" eindruck gewinnen. Und: es war schlicht und ergreifend fantastisch!


Unsere Route: Cochi, Munnar, Madurai, pondicherry, mahabalipuram, chennai, varanasi, agra, ranthanbore national park (ja, wir haben wirklich tiger gesehen!), jaipur, delhi und dann noch 3 tage beach in kovalam.


die hotels waren fantastisch, die fahrer durch die bank super freundlich und v.a. perfekte ansprechpartner zu allen fragen bezüglich land und leute, die guides kompetent.


alles funktionierte völlig reibungslos. das tolle aber an fairytales orga war, dass in den wenigen fällen, in denen was nicht perfekt funktionierte ( und wir reden hier von kleinigkeiten wie "das hotelzimmer gefällt mir nicht so gut"), SOFORT abhilfe geschaffen wurde. herr kamlendra gab uns ein indisches handy mit und sagte, wir sollen ihn 24h täglich anrufen, wenn was ist. und er war wirklich IMMER erreichbar und hatte immer binnen weniger minuten probleme gelöst.


hier noch ein kleiner tip: fahrer und guides sind extrem auf die sicherheit des gastes bedacht, was man ihnen nicht vorwerfen kann. das hat aber zur folge, dass man sich zu beginn der reise ab und an ein bisschen "freistrampeln" muss -was aber problemlos möglich ist. also einfach sagen "nein, wir verbringen den abend nicht im hotel, sondern in der altstadt von varanasi, und wir essen auch nicht im klimatisierten restaurant, sondern auf der strasse". man erntet zwar ungläubige blicke, aber das ist die sache wert :-) also, wer einerseits perfekte organisation und andererseits das gefühl, individuell unterwegs zu sein, sucht, dem sei fairytaleindia dringenst ans herz gelegt. wir kommen auf alle fälle wieder.


flo und tanja

regensburg ,Germany




A trip of a lifetime!"

We went to India for 3 weeks in March.

It was the most amazing holiday of our life.

Thanks to the exceptionally well organized tour,we enjoyed every bit of this fascinating country.

The chauffeurs and the guides were efficient and informative, the hotels perfect.

We have only words of high praise for Fairytale India Tours and Kamlendra Ranawat, the owner!

Ron and Isabel Mckenzie





Thank you for making our trip a real life fairytale.
Thank you for understanding our needs.
Thank you for choosing just what we wanted and adjust to our request when we
had some.

Thank you for helping us explore even better this incredible country we love
so much, and help us live and experience India how it really is.
And at last but not least, thank you for being true to your promisses, we
came back with incredible memories.

Friendly regards,
Stephanie & Dominique
Geneva, Switzerland





We embarked on a 5-day horse safari across rural Rajasthan with little idea of what to expect from our adventure. What lay ahead proved to be beyond our expectations, as we found ourselves deep in the countryside seeing the real India from horseback at a leisurely pace- the only way to travel! We found ourselves welcomed by the villagers, who were generally intrigued and excited by the appearance of white travellers with horses. The terrain varied from desert to forest to mountains and back again, all taken in the stride of the sure-footed Marwari horses who were forward going and well mannered rides.


After a long day on horseback (up to 6-8 hours a day in the saddle) the campsite was a welcome sight. The camping was luxurious with large canvas tents lit by candles, with comfortable beds and a carpeted floor. Bathroom facilities were also provided with a washroom trailer, with working toilets and clean hot water for bucket showers provided nightly. A chef accompanied us and provided amazing Indian cuisine with fresh ingredients sourced daily. A team of Fairy Tale India ensured the trip ran smoothly, moving the campsite to a new site each night, building campfires, meeting us through the day with water and supplies and in addition each horse had its own groom to attend to its needs. All that could be done was done to keep us and the horses happy- including summoning a farrier from a days travel away to provide horse-shoes when the rocky terrain made some of the horses foot sore.


All in all this was an amazing trip, a 'never to be forgotten' experience and good value for money. I would thoroughly recommend Fairy Tale India horse safari to anyone with some riding skills and a keen sense of adventure!


By: Juliette Edmonds,

London, UK





Il verde delle piantagioni di tè, il turchese del mare, il sapore deciso delle spezie, il profumo intenso del gelsomino, il frastuono dell'oceano e il silenzio delle backwaters… Fairy Tale India ha reso possibile e realizzato un viaggio variegato nel God's own country, quale il Kerala davvero è: Kochi, Munnar, Periyar, Allepy, Kovalam sono le tappe di questo viaggio, che consiglio a chi desidera conoscere un' India diversa dalle più tradizionali destinazioni.


Grazie, Kamlendra, per l'ottimo lavoro di organizzazione, sperando di poter tornare presto in un'India più incredible che mai!


Da: Sabrina, Torino,






Dear Kamlendra!


Thank you so much for organizing a wonderful family trip through India and Nepal for us! Realizing we had far too little time to appreciate all that your wonderful country has to offer, we have really enjoyed getting a small taste of some of the highlights; Delhi, Varanasi, Khajuraho and Agra with amazing Taj Mahal. Thanks to Fairy Tale India the whole trip went without a glitch or problems of any kind. We look forward to coming back for more Indian fairy tales!


By: Reenskaug family





Dear Kamsa


Fairy Tale India organised an unforgetable 6 weeks tour through India and Sri Lanka.
We arrived feeling a little bit apprehensive but as soon as we met us at the airport, we felt we're in good hands.
The guides and drivers were always very friendly and knowledgeable and we learnt so much about your beautiful country.
We experienced too many highlights to mention. It was all spectacular!
We appreciated the accomadation you chose for us and the small things didn't go unnoticed e.g. the mobiles we were given and you were always available, also at 11.30 pm! :)
We'll be back so we won't say goodbye but hope to see you again.


Hannah & Joel

Zurich, Switzerland



Hi Kamlendra,

"India taught us to be patient and to be open – Fairy Tale  taught us to enjoy our stay with joy and how to look at the small meaningful things in our beloved India!....


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